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Don't miss your opportunity to travel Beargrass Preserve's Discovery Trail.


The Discovery Trail is a new and unique opportunity to explore Beargrass Preserve and simultaneously share your thoughts on the future design of the site. To participate, just follow four simple steps:

  1. Visit Beargrass Preserve and start at any of the 4 Entry Points (see yellow icons on map below for locations).

  2. Read the information on the sign and survey questions at your first entry point.

  3. Use the QR code or link on the sign to fill out a brief online survey about that entry point. 

  4. Visit any or all of the 6 Discovery Points and remaining 3 Entry Points that are located on the map below. Signs are located at each location with information, survey questions, and a QR code/link to complete the online survey.


It is recommended that you participate by visiting the site in-person, but you can also completing the online surveys by using the map below. The Discovery Trail was installed on August 29th and will continue to be active throughout fall of 2023. 



Select different locations on the map below to share your input on the future design and priorities for the 4 Potential Entry Points and 6 Discovery Points.

Discovery Trail for Web-01.png
Discovery Trail Icons10.png
Discovery Trail Icons2.png
Discovery Trail Icons5.png
Discovery Trail Icons7.png
Discovery Trail Icons.png
Discovery Trail Icons3.png
Discovery Trail Icons4.png
Discovery Trail Icons6.png
Discovery Trail Icons8.png
Discovery Trail Icons9.png
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